Modular Keyboard Will Have You Arrange Your Keys As You See Fit

There are a lot of keyboards on the market for anyone who is looking to upgrade to a more advanced or geeky one. Lately there has been a lot of innovation when it comes to keyboards. The most famous one might just be the Optimus OLED keyboard designed and made available by Art Lebedev Studio. It’s a seriously creative keyboard where you can assign whatever feature you want to any key with its very own image on the keys. Each key is an OLED display which can show any image you assign to it. It’s a great keyboard, yes, but it’s insanely expensive. A more cost effective approach might just be the modular keyboard called the Puzzle Keyboard. It allows you to rearrange the keys in any order you see fit.

The designer, Wan Fu Chun, clearly understood that allowing each user to individually choose how he or she wants to setup their keys is the ultimate approach, which also lead to his design winning the reddot award. Modding is huge in today’s technology, whether it is in video games or on gadgets. Users want to feel in control of the things they buy, and this is the perfect way to allow just that.

This modular keyboard ensures that your creativity is optimized at all times. You might feel that your hotkeys are way off from how you would like them to be arranged, and rebinding and relearning them would just take too much time. If that is the case, this modular keyboard is certainly the right little gadget for you. So far, this is just a concept keyboard, but the modular keyboard approach is definitely something that I think belongs to the coming future, so I would expect we will see this in stores quite soon. The more I think about it, the more uses I see this keyboard having. It doesn’t matter whether it is for gaming or for more professional computer uses. By the initial looks of it, this modular keyboard could be used for just about anything. Put an OLED screen on each puzzle piece, and you’ll have something I think would take years to beat.

Modular Keyboard Concept Design – Puzzle Keyboard

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