Movie Polaroids | This Will Change Polaroids Forever!

I am a fairly experienced photographer and have a few cameras on my belt to catch that special moment just right. I wouldn’t say I am a ninja at it, but I am trying really hard. I have a few followers on Twitter that are amazing photographers and they are too awesome for me to even compare myself to their extreme superiority. I spoke with @mikeconaty the other day, who I think is a genius when it comes to both video and photography, and we ventured into, for me, uncharted territory when it comes to the perfect DOF (Depth of Field) and a few other technical things. It hit me right at that moment that he shared some secrets with me that will forever change my game when it comes to video and photography.

I stumbled, literally, trying to find my way through some questionable blogs and through some search results for some really cool video tutorials that could answer some further questions that I had. Right when I thought I was at the end of my trail, I reached the coolest concept I have seen this year, and I mean it!

I have always been a fan of Polaroid pictures. They seem to have that magic about them when they are fully developed. The style they portray is just so cool and all those imperfections make them even more perfect. What I found is the next step… the next generation Polaroid pictures if you will.

The concept “Movie Polaroid” by designer Kim Hyun Joong is probably one of the most innovative and futuristic concepts I have seen to date. I can just see myself slipping in a picture of my daughter and right there on the photo is a play button. Yup, it will play video as well. Wow, talk about impressing people! The photo/card is just as small as it usually is, but with a technology called grapheme the photo becomes a touch screen which will enable you to play video on a piece of card. The technology is fairly new but the potential is HUGE! When the first camera comes out with this thing incorporated into it, I am going to be the first one standing in line, even if it means I have to stand in line forever. Simple as that!