MP3 Player Lets You Carry Your Music The Sony Walkman Style

As some of you may remember, Sony discontinued the manufacturing of their legendary music player, The Sony Walkman, not too long ago. The epic cassette player was once the state of the art music gadget to have, and we flaunted it any chance we got. As I remember, the cassettes could contain music for up to 60-90 minutes which was pretty good if you ask me. It was pretty much like the CD today, yet the CD carries a way better quality; however only 16bit as it always gets compressed as it is laid to rest on the disc itself.

However, you shouldn’t be too discouraged about the discontinued Sony Walkman. As of right now, you can get your very own retro MP3 player that will have you rockin’ the ’80s style in no time at all. And it comes super cheap as well. For only $48.00 over at Urban Outfitters, you can make sure you are the coolest kid on the block. Just like in the old days.

Sporting that geeky belt clip and that yellow feverish color, there is no mistaking who is slammin’ the Thriller album on their music device. Make sure you get those bulky round shaped headphones with the metal stripe head thingy, and you’ll be retro for real. This little gadget is so cool that I am almost putting it on my wish list for Santa Claus. If there is one up there in the north, I am sure this wish isn’t too much to ask for. After all, I have been pretty good this year.