Santa’s Naughty Or Nice Online Marketing Reminders [List]

2012 has been a big year when it comes to online marketing and SEO. There were so many things that changed, and many brands and individual people rethought their strategies over and over in an effort to find the most effective way to get their message out to the world. We’ve learned that it is possible to recover after Google makes a major algorithm change, social media is absolutely crucial for all brands, and providing quality content is more important than ever. If you would like a refresher in what is naughty or nice in the world of online marketing and SEO, you might find this list fun.

In real life, it’s sometimes more fun to be naughty than nice, but when it comes to online marketing, it’s always better to take the nice approach. Besides, by making sure you stay on the nice list, you’ll be rewarded with new readers, more pageviews and a better website ranking.

When I look at some of these things on the naughty list, I wonder why people do them in the first place. Having a successful blog or website requires doing the right things over and over consistently for a long period of time. Doing the naughty things might help in the short term, but overall, they’re always a bad idea and could end up costing you your reputation, your readers and your entire credibility. Those are things that you can’t rebuild quickly, and they are your most valuable online assets. So when it comes to being naughty or nice, choose to be nice, and you’ll reap the long-term benefits. It may take a little bit longer, but it’s definitely worth the extra tender loving care which your blog or website deserves. [The Marketing Naughty and Nice List Infograph is provided by Purple Fish Marketing]

Santa’s Naughty Or Nice Online Marketing Reminders


Via: [Social Media Today] Header Image Credit: [Quizilla]