Apple Goes Flat With New iOS 7 User Interface Concept

There is currently a lot of pressure on Apple. Their stock is very unstable at the moment, and the multinational company is struggling to keep their innovative status intact. There’s no doubt Apple is at a stage where they need to put themselves in the same spotlight they’ve been in before. If this keynote doesn’t include something groundbreaking, one could bet they will lose out big time. Maybe their new iOS 7 will prove to be the exactly what they need in order to regain their edgy status.

When you start looking at all the information that has been floundering around about the new iOS 7 mobile operating system, you quickly realize that with Jony Ive leading the development, a lot of things can happen. Will he be able to add that impressive flair that he once added to the iPhone design? We will just have to see, but there are great expectations when it comes to Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system.

We have seen a few concept videos entering the viral scene since the new iOS 7 was announced. There are a ton of feature upgrades, redesigns and additions that people would like to see, there is no doubt about that. One interesting new iOS 7 concept design offers a different perspective of the critically acclaimed operating system. If this new iOS 7 concept user interface becomes a reality, it could very well mean that the touchscreen experience will go flat – entirely flat, if that make any sense at all.

This new iOS 7 concept user interface was created by the people over at SimplyZesty, and it completely removes the skeuomorphism and instead incorporates a quite appealing flat design. The lock screen has been completely overhauled, and instead makes more sense in the way that it is much simpler. It shows weather and clock overlays and even relocates the “slide to unlock” slider. Whether Jony Ive is working on making Apple’s new iOS 7 mobile operating system more flat is of course a question that we can’t clearly answer. But with his previous track record, I think it is safe to say that he is going to present something that will completely reboot the operating system’s look and feel, hopefully for the better.

SimplyZesty’s New iOS 7 Concept Design




Via: [iPhone Hacks] [TNW]