Next Gen Touch Screens doesn’t “Touch”!

With the mammut success of Mr. James Cameron’s fantastic movie “Avatar” the 3D industry and concept has gotten a huge push. Pretty much everyone has started to port their movies to 3D. It doesn’t stop there, Sony just announced that they are in the works of creating a 3D flat screen TV. This should further promote the amazing technology of 3D and the realism it brings with it. And with every right. When I watched “Avatar” I was amazed by the sheer realism everything had being viewed from behind a pair of 3D glasses.

But, somehow I feel like the manufacturers of flat screens are neglecting the one step that could take us to the age of “Minority Report” in just a flash. What I am talking about is the touch screen. It was really first introduced with the iPhone and then Microsoft came out, pretty much simultaneously, with their concept screen “Surface” which I thought was the coolest thing since I bought my first computer back in the 80’s.

But, despite the fact that the tv manufacturers neglect this highly interactive feature there is still some developments going on behind the scenes to further take the touch screen to new heights. I am talking about the new concept design of a “No Touch” touch screen. Yup, there is one and its working!

I sure would like one of these badboys in my office instead of these 2*22’5 inch wide-screens sitting on my almost invisible air-shelf in front of me. With a little more development I am sure you can have “dots” on your fingers handling the point of interaction and with several even replicate the cool multi-touch feature.