Oreo Cookie Separator Machines For The Sci-Fi Cookie Eater

In a world where pretty much everything is optimized, the current theme seems to be about how we can optimize our eating. Yesterday I wrote about the incredible food feeder helmet MMM3000 that was delivered to YouTube star Tom Syndicate. That device enables you to be fed Fridge Raiders while playing games. A few new innovations called the Oreo Separators are possibly as epic as the MMM3000. If you love your Oreo cookies, you are certainly going to love these devices.

I have a huge appetite for Oreo cookies, I can tell you that…maybe more than I should. Quite frankly, I need to cut down on my Oreo cookie eating. Well, enough about Oreo cookie addiction, it’s time to unveil a few more food feeder devices that might actually make a whole lot of sense – that is, if you are a Oreo cookie fanatic and a gadget geek.

These Oreo cookie separators will enable you to drop a few Oreos into the machine, press a button and then get the yummies delivered to you in separated parts. This is just like how you would separate your Oreos manually, or at least like most people do when they eat Oreo cookies. The innovators behind these masterpieces all have huge Oreo cookie addictions.

Maybe these devices need a little bit more tinkering since the cream delivery might not be the best contraption ever created. These Oreo cookie separators are certainly sci-fi creations worthy of any geek’s attention. It took the guys approximately 7 days to construct and assemble each of these beasts, and they are all quite impressive. Each feature is more unearthly than the next. Maybe these will become another one of those geeky gaming machines that will deliver you your “food” while you are frantically trying to make it to the next level.

The world loves Oreo cookies, and seeing contraptions like these will most likely inject a whole lot of inspiration and craving when it comes to Oreos. I wonder what the tier two of these machines will look like. Let the madness begin! (where are my Oreos?) All of these machines are projects funded by Oreo themselves in order to spread awareness about the deliciousness that these cookies deliver.

Oreo Cookie Separator Machines



Via: [psfk]