Phonebloks: Impressive Modular Smartphone That Saves The Planet

Today’s smartphones are definitely optimized to complement the endeavors in our everyday lives, but there is another side of smartphones that we don’t usually look at. Especially when we just want the coolest , best looking, and most powerful smartphones out there. We seldom look at the impact smartphones have on the environment. That is something that the concept Phonebloks, a modular smartphone, tries to solve with its radical design and features.

Phonebloks is a fairly new concept that I personally haven’t seen much of. It is, as said, based on a modular smartphone approach which enables the user to pick the parts that he or she wants to incorporate into their smartphone. For example, if you want a better and bigger camera there is a module for that. Or if you want a bigger speaker there is a module for that too. You can basically put the modules you want on your smartphone base board to make it as personalized as possible.

The interesting part about this concept, (yes so far it is just a concept), is that it will have a module shop where you can simply buy the parts you want and when delivered you will be able to assemble them anyway you’d like. This is perfect for future upgrades as you will never have to actually throw away your smartphone. All you need to do is to replace the old modules with new and more powerful ones.

The Phonebloks concept is one of those really crazy ideas that might actually work. I know countless people that would really like a modular smartphone like this. The freedom of switching out components after your own needs is a remarkable idea. Forward thinking like this modular smartphone is sure to push smartphone development into a new direction. The hard part will most likely be to convince people that this is the future and not some high tech LEGO kit.

Phonebloks – Future Modular Smartphone Concept

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Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Project

Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Project

Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Project