Piano Gloves – Play The Piano Without A Piano!

Creativity is so powerful. When a person is able to tap into that place inside of them, that place where the magic of uninhibited ideas and thoughts reside and then allow that to manifest into something physical that can been seen and touched… well… to me that is one of the miracles of being human.

Scott Garner was able to do that, and for only $15, he created “Piano Gloves” which allow someone to play the piano without having the instrument.

According to designboom, “The design is composed of two digitally enhanced gloves that use arduino and processing to track the player’s movements and create the corresponding piano notes. The gloves are spatially aware and can know what notes the user is intending to play.” To me, this would be an even more interesting concept if it was wireless. I wonder if he considered that. Of course, this is only a prototype and obviously some kinks need to be worked out, but dang, you go Scott!

Piano Gloves from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

[via designboom]