Point and Find | The new real life search engine!

Microsoft and Google are at war with each other when it comes to who presents and owns the best search engine in history. Even though Microsoft is just a baby in the world of search they are still a valid competitor to Google and with the latest features rolled out in Bing, it’s not hard to see they mean business. However, it is easy to forget about other innovative search applications and gadgets. Everything isn’t the Internet even though pretty much all the information is drawn from it.

Nokia is making a strong statement at the CES in Las Vegas this year with their new feature called “Point and Find” which will be incorporated into their upcoming cell phones. The demonstration truly shows the potential and the strong and powerful application they have developed. Even though it is a little slow for now it could really make a difference for every consumer in the world.

As pretty much every product has their information on the Internet these days this could potentially be the best consumer advisor you have ever seen. You simply point your cell phone camera at the product you are interested in. Within a few seconds you will have several different options to choose from. Product information, product support, comments and polls. You can even get information on where the nearest store is where you can buy the product along with a direct number to the company that manufactures the product you’re interested in.

When the feature will be incorporated into Nokia’s upcoming cell phones is not yet clear. However, everyone can agree on that the feature will speak to a LOT of people and could potentially be the thing why people would go and buy Nokia phones instead of the iPhone. But then again, before they release it there will most likely be an iPhone application doing the same thing…