R2-D2 Novelty Phone Puts More Retro In Your Life

How do you put more retro in your life? Maybe you go for things that remind you of your youth like something you used to love as a teenager but that doesn’t really exist today. I know of a lot of people who are suckers for everything ’80s. It could be everything from those small handheld monochrome games that you used to play all day everyday to the legendary Sony Walkman. Some people invest their hard earned cash in a vintage mac computer, or they love the feeling of plastering old school posters on the wall in their basement. It’s as if they want to stop time from slipping through their hands. It’s a little creepy when you think about it, but that is how people cope with getting older I guess.

My best friend actually sports a retro Asteroids arcade game cabinet, and she could probably own your royal heiny on if you ever thought about challenging her in a game. There are many retro things in people’s lives, and with technology moving forward so quickly, I can totally understand the feeling of wanting to keep some of the old attached in your life. However, if you really want to retrofy your life, I think you should totally have to take a look at the R2-D2 Novelty Phone.

In a world where seemingly everything is ruled by the smartphone, this thing will come across like a superhero gadget on your desk. Wouldn’t it be cool to just sport a cord on your phone? I mean, some people wouldn’t even know why that cord was attached to the phone in the first place. The youth of today would probably think it has something to do with a primitive anti-theft system that you found in some shady backyard sale. But you know this awesome retro phone would keep you in touch with the younger you for years to come. This badboy is now made available by Amazon for just $175 for a new one and $124.99 for a used one. Remember, it’s an art to keep the retro close to your life so geek it up!