Real Transparent Smartphone Introduced By Taiwanese Company

As soon as the topic “next gen smartphone” comes up, people eventually start talking about transparent smartphones. It seems this is the inevitable progression of things. Samsung (and a few other companies) are working on flexible smartphone designs, so why wouldn’t a transparent smartphone design be equally as plausible in a looming future? It turns out, we might not have to wait very long for a functional transparent smartphone design to enter our world.

Taiwanese tech company Polytron Technologies recently announced they are ready to launch a new and groundbreaking transparent smartphone. If anything, that is news that should appeal to anyone who has ever wondered what a transparent smartphone might actually look like. It might not be the graceful transparent design that we have seen plastered on our screens in the form of concept designs. However, it might set the bar for where transparent screens are headed in the future. So far there has not really been any transparent smartphone designs marketed to mainstream consumers. This might be the smartphone that changes all that.

It was a couple of weeks ago that the company demoed their new concept phone. It seems the company is still secretive about the technical specifications of their transparent smartphone. However, the pictures suggest a smaller screen and a power glass that powers the transparent film encapsulated by a layer of touch glass casing. The components that drive the phone are clearly visible, which should come as no surprise. The edge of technology does not yet support the creation of transparent processors and components, which should explain why this transparent smartphone is designed the way it is.

There’s no doubt their transparent smartphone is an impressive display of great ingenuity. The question is, how far will they be able to push their concept in order to create a fully functional transparent smartphone that consumers will want to buy? So far, transparency in pretty much any device has seen a pretty slim response when it comes to usability. It seems we are still a long way from realizing the perfection of the transparent gadgets we are used to seeing in science fiction movies. This is a great step towards being able to realize those dreams.

Polytron Technologies’ Transparent Smartphone



Via: [China Daily]