RealView First To Present Fully Working Mid-Air Holography Stations

There are a lot of companies working on producing the first real mid-air hologram, and so far few have come close to an impressive result. The one that has been the most impressive used a dangerous technique which prevented you from ever interacting with it. But, there just might be one company that has cracked this legendary technology and that could be RealView. They recently announced they are first to present a fully working mid-air holography station.

If this is true, then has mid-air holographic technology been cracked? It’s hard to say, but the people and the company behind this holography station seem legit, and their intentions seem to be well focused.

So what is a holography station anyway? Well, their innovation is aimed at the medical industry and could very well take medical instruments well beyond the 21st century. It’s actually a holographic engine that presents interactive holograms in mid-air. Doctors, surgeons and nurses, will be able to see the patients inner organs, even beating hearts, and interact with them Tony Stark-style.

The video presented never shows you the real deal, so it’s hard to tell whether they actually have the technology ready or if they are just about to hit a breakthrough. It seems a little bit too good to be true. Sometimes companies with groundbreaking technologies on their hands just want to have the patents approved before they actually showcase the real thing. This holography station definitely sounds legit, and by the looks of it they seem to have a dim-free destination of where they are headed with it.

Whether this technology could be used to create the Tony Stark holography user interface is of course, too early to speculate. However, if they really have created a mid-air interactive hologram, then the legendary user interface from the Iron Man movies shouldn’t be too hard to replicate. We’ll just have to wait and see whether RealView really has the technology to produce what they call holography stations, and when they will be able to demo it in real life.

RealView’s Groundbreaking Holography Station Technology

RealView 3D Holography Station

RealView 3D Holography Station

RealView 3D Holography Station

RealView 3D Holography Station


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    James Kelsey 8 years

    Fake, fake, fake. I know it is fake but not sure what they are trying to achieve by faking it??? Are they looking for investors?