Retro Atari Arcade Joystick For The iPad 2

There is a flora of accessories that have come out for the iPad, and there seems to be more and more everyday. It seems Apple always knows how to create a device that can be accessorized to the moon and back. Either it is intentional, or it’s just the awesomeness of creative people that always plays in Apple’s favor. Either way, the retrofication of things when it comes to the iPad is beyond creative. We see new gadgets and devices for the iPad each day, and of course they each serve their very own purpose when it comes to the use of the iPad. Lately there have been a lot of different devices coming out that are entirely dedicated to gaming on the iPad.

Of course we are monitoring this quite closely, and when I caught a look at the new retro Atari Arcade Joysick for the iPad 2, I was happier than a kid on Christmas. This is not because the gadget wears the name Atari, but because of the awesome arcade look and feel it has. Placing your iPad in that joystick will have it almost placed on the throne of geekines in my honest opinion. Slam it in there, turn on your favorite retro game, and have a ball.

Don’t expect it to follow you home from the store cheaply though. This badboy will set you back $100, but I am sure that the awesomeness of it will match up to the hiccup price. Quality accessories always cost money, and this is one of them. All I am hoping, since I haven’t tried it out myself yet, that the buttons and the joystick themselves have that true arcade resistance that every geek from the ’80s is familiar with from the crowded arcade halls. If they do, I see no other product matching up to this geekiness anytime soon. Would you buy this or save up more money for a real arcade cabinet instead? I mean, sure, a real one would cost infinitely more, but hey… it’s the REAL DEAL! It’s made available from Discovery Bay Games.

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Atari Arcade Joystick For iPad