Shock Tech Bandage Delivers Relief With Voltage

There have been many methods for relieving pain throughout the years. There is everything from homemade remedies to complex medical treatments. But when it comes to caring for chronic pain, you pretty much always have to just put up with it until it goes away. Lately there has been increased innovation when it comes to pain treatment. These next gen bandages could involve treating chronic pain with voltage from a newly innovated shock tech bandage.

This new shock tech bandage was developed by Thimble Bioelectronics and could come to change how many people treat their chronic pain. Today chronic pain is treated with medication or physical therapy, but the new shock tech bandage from Thimble might just turn all that on its head. The fact is, they have found a way to use a low voltage shock technique that relieves the pain instantly.

The bandage in itself is a marvel of technology and incorporates a pressure button which you can easily press when the pain becomes too much for you to bear. The bandage uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), the same low-power electrical shocks that patients are sometimes treated with when undergoing physical therapy to relieve chronic pain.

This shock tech bandage is also going to have Bluetooth connectivity. Through an accompanying app, the user of this bandage will have an easy way to automatically track and administer pain relief when the pain becomes too much to handle. This is of course good for many reasons, but one is that the doctor can monitor how you are doing in realtime. The shock tech bandage is no where near ready for the consumer market, but the concept recently became a finalist in the prestigious Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. We’ll continue watching the development of this particular product closely.

Shock Tech Bandage For Chronic Pain Relief