Silver Glossy USB Drive | Stylish doesn’t begin to describe it!

Hard drives are getting bigger and bigger and there seems to be no limit to the shapes and designs the companies come up with in order to captivate our attention so we would buy their designs. I have long enjoyed the slim and clean design of the 250 GB Porsche design USB drive and I have so many I can soon build a brick house out of them.

So where to take things next? Some are working on smaller, more slim and easy designs to take with you while others are working on adding as much space to the drive as possible. Every design has their own particular advantage. Even though designers really do their best they never seem to really add that bit of extra to the drives that they put on the market. Maybe it’s because they always have to compromise their designs in order to meet the manufacturing costs and compare it to the actual price in store to make the concept liable for a clean go for marketing.

When I saw a design conceptualized by designer Sokolova Ekateryna I was captured in an awe state. The design is pure beauty and the small eccentric features is speaking to my senses like I was mesmerized. Just the red textual status screen at the curvature end of the drive is so cool. I’d like to add a few of these drives to my air shelf made of glass to really showcase its awesomeness and creative use of imagination.

But, what really spoke to me when I saw it was the silver, glossy finish the drive inhabits.The pure shapes and the female curvature of the drive is just beauty in a box. I hope this drive will be available before soon. When it is, I’ll make an initial order of four.

USB Silver Drive - 1

USB Silver Drive - 2