Skinput | Microsoft’s Answer to The Touchscreen

Everything should be touchable in Apple’s opinion. With the huge success of the touch technology, it seems everything will be. It has long been unknown where we are heading next with this technology and just recently Microsoft shared their view of it. At first glance, it looks like nothing new, but if you keep looking you will see that their technology actually has a lot of new and fresh ideas.

At this moment, it is still in research and the devices that are shown are only concept devices. One can only hope that the size of the devices will be shrunk and created into seamless devices that don’t have to much bulk to them. Microsoft isn’t exactly known for creating the smallest and coolest stuff, but maybe with this little thing they will retake some of that coolness back.

Their technology is called “Skinput” and is of course a play on words with the words Skin and Input. Skinput is a device that records skin pressure activity and converts it to touch screen commands. The technology seems to be developing quickly and it could have a huge impact for amputees as well as for everyone else if this device takes off. However, to walk around with a whole bunch of devices just to be able to have a screen projected on your arm on which you obey all your commands isn’t exactly convenient.

The fact remains that this technology looks quite promising, and I am sure you could do a hell of a lot of cool things with it. We’ll see if Microsoft knows what to do with it. To get more in depth information about Skinput just head over to Microsoft’s official research website.