Smart Pants Cover Your Smartphone’s Privates

It’s Saturday as I am writing this, and that calls for some epic and fun smartphone accessories, don’t you think? It’s been a while since I covered a WTF-gadget of any kind, and this is definitely one of those. Usually when we cover accessories or gadgets here at Bit Rebels, we try to find the most useful ones, but this one is a little different. Well, it’s more of a visual “upgrade” if you will. The concept is dubbed Smart Pants, and it geekifies your smartphone to Mars and back.

You have to agree when it comes to geeky accessories available for each smartphone model, the highest number to choose from are made for the iPhone. When it comes to geekiness, these Smart Pants accessories for the iPhone are probably the most hilarious. Have you ever thought about the fact that your iPhone has always been naked in the front? Yup, that is correct! You see, the cover or case you bought to protect your iPhone is mostly just for the back, leaving the front of your iPhone entirely bare naked. How do you think your iPhone feels about that?

These fun and quirky Smart Pants will allow you to put a bit of decency back into your iPhone once again, at least just a little. The Smart Pants will protect that Home button in the most hilarious way. You basically put a pair of underpants on your iPhone. How’s that for a cover up? Not only do you add an extra layer of protection (very small) which will prevent your Home button from getting scratched or nudged, but you also makes it more you.

Adding a bit of personalization to your iPhone is something that most people are craving to do these days. Sure, a clean and bare naked iPhone is sleek and all that, but it doesn’t really express the awesome geek within you, does it? The Smart Pants iPhone accessory is made available by Gashapon World and retails for around $2.00 per Smart Pants. It promises a quite geeky upgrade for your naked iPhone.

Smart Pants – iPhone Cover Up Accessory



Via: [Gizmodiva]