Smartphone Domino: What The iPhone Couldn’t Do

Do you have an abundance of smartphones laying around? Are they just too awkward and non interesting to use in comparison to your iPhone? There is a simple solution for you that might come as a surprise. Don’t throw throw them away. Instead, save them and acquire as many as you can. Eventually you can create a viral YouTube clip that will bring thousands of viewers to watch the feat that you have accomplished. Furthermore, if you have some skills, you can create what most people just think about.

A group of people (who I presume work for a smartphone distribution line company named Vodafone) set out to create something that would put the cell phone opera viral video to shame. If they succeeded I don’t know, but it sure is impressive. The feat involves thousands of smartphones placed just like dominos. Along the way there are some small genius contraptions that make the whole effect a little bit more impressive. How about a helicopter, a sub woofer, some balloons and a roof? Well, I guess there is no point in me trying to explain to you what it all does… you’d better you watch it for yourself.

What it cost? Well, to estimate that, you would have to count how many smartphones they are using and what types they are. Then just multiply that with the cost of each phone and there you’ll have it. Oh, and don’t forget the helicopter and all those things. I think that they could have given it another twist though. Why not watch them set all this up… start it and let it run its course and right when they are about to check on that last event, it starts to rain. That would have totally made it viral… or?