Smartphone Holder Made Of Finger Rings Helps You Grip Your Phone

If you’re anything like me, dropping your smartphone is a constant risk. According to a report by Plaxo, the most common way users damage their smartphone is by dropping them in the toilet. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ve often wanted a secure way of holding my phone to shoot video while snowboarding. I know that’s what a GoPro is for, but I like to post my footage straight to Facebook from the chairlift. You might just need an ergonomic smartphone holder for when you’re going for a run or walking the dog.

Whatever your activity, the Stick & Flip Smartphone Holder’s swing-out rings should help you keep a firm grip. I also regularly use my phone as a video player. With this quirky little accessory, you can rotate the rings 360-degrees to turn this smartphone holder into a stand for your device. Whether you use it to stand your phone vertically or horizontally, screenings of your media can be propped up for optimal orientation. I guess even if you use your phone as an alarm clock next to your bed, this stand is a pretty handy feature.

You might not even make it to bed. Do you ever get so tired after blogging or gaming all night that you fall asleep listening to music? If so, these smartphone holder rings just might help keep your phone in-hand. After you’ve attached the rings to your phone or media player using special adhesive film, some cool ways you could use them might include:

* Using your device as a monitor for a wireless keyboard (pictured below)

* Storing your device by hanging it on a hook

* Standing your device up for a slideshow presentation

I’m sure that you’ll find your own uses for it. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Smartphone Holder Made Of Finger Rings Helps You Grip Your Phone

Stick & Flip Smartphone Stand

Revo Stick & Flip Smartphone Holder Grip

Stick & Flip Smartphone Holder & Stand

Video Credits: [YouTube] Image Credits: [Uncommon Goods]