Snapdragon Processor: Can Your Smartphone Do This On One Charge?

When you think about all the gadgets you use everyday, is there any part of it that is inconvenient? For me, the only inconvenient aspect of living in a technology-immersed world is keeping up with all the power cords. This is especially true when traveling. For example, just last weekend I was in Miami. The moment I got in my hotel room, the first thing I did was check my bag for all my power cords. There are of course ways to charge our gadgets that are more convenient and energy efficient, but until those are more mainstream, most of us are still charging our gadgets the old fashioned way.

What if you decided to travel to 9 different cities in 8 countries (36,312 miles / 58,439 km) over a period of two weeks and take several pictures and videos in each location with your smartphone… and, what if you forgot your power cord at home? Would your smartphone have the juice to last that long on one charge?

That’s what Qualcomm did to show off the Snapdragon processor. They took one phone with this processor and traveled from LA to New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. They took several pictures and videos in each location and didn’t charge the phone once along the way. They did shut the phone off during travel time, but still, damn! They compiled all the videos into one, and you can see that below. According to YouTube, there were no post-production effects used to create any illusions.

Qualcomm is currently running a contest on their Facebook page where you can win a smartphone of your own with one of these bionic processors. It’s called The One Charge Challenge, and all you have to do is submit a picture or video showing what you can do with one charge. If you’d like to see the list of all the smartphones that are powered by Snapdragon, go to Qualcomm.

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