Speeder Bike Motorcycle Makes Star Wars A Reality

Every time I see a motorcycle drive by, I always think to myself how much cooler it would be if it could fly. I mean, they fly passed you like tomorrow didn’t exist anyway, so why not, right? The thing is that this levitation and flying thing has always been a huge obstacle for us humans. Sure, we have planes that can fly thanks to the pull of wind pressures and what not, but personal flight has always been time limited or not possible at all. There have been so many people who have tried (and gotten hurt) that it would probably boggle our minds if the statistics were ever available to us. Well, maybe we’ll need to get the closest thing then. And just maybe the Speeder Bike motorcycle will put us on the right path.

It’s a custom created motorcycle that aims to be a rolling replica of the Speeder Bike in Star Wars. You know, the one that rushes passed the screen at seemingly limitless speeds. It’s the one that Luke Skywalker takes a little ride in while being chased. Do you remember that one? This working motorcycle is an attempt to mimic that design and create a real speeder bike which you can actually drive.

I haven’t been able to pin down the designer of this masterpiece of a creation, but you have to admit that this Speeder Bike doesn’t exactly bore you. Imagine rolling passed a car on this badboy on the highway. The looks alone would be worth every penny spent on it. This Speeder Bike is probably not the easiest of things to drive though. The length of it resembles that of a car, so turning would be quite an annoyance. Maybe the sheer look of it will make up for that. I know I personally think so anyway. It’s always inspiring to see what people can create based on their inspiration from the Star Wars world, don’t you think?

Behold The Real Star Wars Speeder Bike Motorcycle

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Via: [Sharenator]