Sperm Watch: The New Way To Make A Baby

I have covered plenty of watches here on Bit Rebels, and I guess I am not about to stop anytime soon. There are continuously new watches being seeded into the market every day, and I love checking out the new ones, cheap or expensive, since I am an incurable fanatic about time telling. As I have argued before, the watch is almost the only thing a guy can wear that gets filed under the label of “accessories.” Therefore, I like to have a few to choose from in order to make sure I have one that fits what I am wearing with color and design.

Andy Kurovets has taken it a bit further though. Quite frankly, I never thought I’d see a watch like this, but apparently there is a market for it. It’s called the Fertilization Watch and has quite a unique take on time telling as well as the making of a baby. Why someone would come up with such a watch I have no idea, but it fits beautifully into the area if you think about how many people are constantly trying to get pregnant.

The time is told by sperm trying to get to the egg and hints of a little biology lesson to be told even though it is a little bit strange. It might be a good entry for “THAT” talk with your kids to throw this watch on the table and tell them the story about it all. After all, it’s only time before they will ask you about it, right? Oh, and do I need to mention that this comes from the same guy who designed the G-Point Mouse?