Spot Now: This New Mobile App Is Like Geolocation On Steroids

I admit it. I’m not a Foursquare or Gowalla user. It’s not because I’m not interested in checking out geolocation apps, it’s more because I’m pitifully boring, and I don’t go to enough unique places to be worth checking into, in my opinion. However, with this new mobile app called Spot Now, I might finally be tempted enough to check it out firsthand.

Imagine this… what if you were considering going to a specific store and you wanted to know if it was crowded first? In my case, how about if you were driving your son to the indoor skate park, and you wanted to know ahead of time if it was full? Or, maybe you are nosy, and you want to check up on your boyfriend or girlfriend working in the restaurant across town. Here in Atlanta, places like the Georgia Aquarium usually have a long line during certain parts of the day. With this app, you could double-check that before going there. There are really unlimited uses for this technology.

With this new app, you can do that quickly and easily by viewing a real-time steam right on your iPhone. That’s right, you can now see what the inside of somewhere looks like before you actually get there, and if you want, you can take it one step further and share photos of it with your friends online. At the moment, Spot Now is limited to only Portland, Oregon; however, at the rate it is growing, it will be in your city soon. Wow, like Mark Zuckerberg said, privacy really is dead, isn’t it? Regardless, I’m intrigued.

Via: [Trends Updates] [PR web]