Stunning Slow Motion Video: Gelatin Cubes Jiggle Your Brain

I’ve written before about how much I don’t like Jello. Well, it’s not that I don’t like it; it’s more that I’m afraid of it. It’s like an abomination of food. It goes up there in the same category as tofu, Spam and white chocolate. I think aliens might have put those things in our supermarkets even though they aren’t really edible just so they can laugh every time we eat them.

However, even though I’m not a fan of gelatin, I am a huge fan of high-speed photography and video. I’ve written about this technique before, and it’s one of my favorites to watch because it gives us a glimpse into a world we normally can’t see because of our human eye’s limitations.

According to the Science News Blog, “Modernist Cuisine has been recording some videos of food using a Phantom V12.1 high-speed camera. The camera is capable of shooting 6,200 FPS at full 720p HD resolution.” Below is an example of a video they created using this incredible camera. These are cherry gelatin cubes (err… blobs) being dropped in slow motion. If you can get passed the gross factor, this is uber cool stuff!

You talked back to me again? That’s it, your punishment is to eat this.” #gross

Slow Motion Jello Video

Image Credit: [Flickr]