Super Mario In 64 Pixels Is Just Badass!

In school, when I was a little kid, we had a class called Computer Science where we got to familiarize ourselves with a computer. My friend David and I used to think those classes were really boring since we had been playing around with computers for several years by then. The classes were all about going back to basics, literally. First we talked about what a mouse was, and how to move the cursor on the screen. At the end of the school year, we got into doing a bit of programming in basic. That was pretty much what it was all about. I am sure it was a huge stepping stone for a lot of kids, and I think we were a little obnoxious back then for thinking it was boring.

What do you do when you have already harnessed the power of knowledge when it comes to the basic stuff on computers? Well, if you’re Brad Slattery, you start messing around with hardware instead. The end result is then something called Super Pixel Bros., and it will most likely set a new standard when it comes to being called a genius around the community of the geeks. It’s a rather awesome piece of technology that is basically all about the retro.

He actually recreated Super Mario with a screen with only 64 pixels. Yup, that’s right! Minecraft did it to some extent, and now Super Mario has been blockified as well. It’s looks to be quite addicting too. If you are a fan of the Super Mario series, just like I am, then you definitely want to try this thing out. It’s an open source project with a lot of potential. There are bosses, high scores, jumping and breaking blocks. The endless possibilities will make sure that this thing gets a life of its own when modders and hackers get their hands on it. I am quite interested in having a go at it myself. It would be so badass to sit on the train and unleash this thing in front of everyone. The stares would be invaluable! What other games do you see this thing handle? Any ideas?

Super Mario In 64 Pixels