Now You Can Literally Kick-Start Your Computer

We’ve all seen inventions that have taken our breath away or left us without a clue. Time and time again, we are astounded by the imagination some people have when dreaming up design after design to make our every day lives easier and more simple. The funny thing about consumers is that we will buy anything as long as the product is promoted or mentioned in a positive way. Even if we don’t think we’ll use it, we will get it just for the hell of it and it will follow us home in a shopping bag only to end up as a souvenir on display.

I just found another one of those interesting inventions and this time it’s either a lazy man’s device or it’s meant as a helping hand for disabled people who can no longer use their arms and hands. Designer Liu Yi has come up with something he calls “Toe Mouse“. It it basically a mouse that the user uses with his toes or her feet.

The Toe Mouse has several genius features and it will surely help the people who are not able to use a mouse with their hands. On this mouse, which is worn like a piece of a flip flop shoe, there are a few sensors that will work as optical tracking, right mouse click, left mouse click, etc… On the far edge of the mouse, where the big toe goes, there are some sensors that act as the left mouse button, and when the toe is wiggled, the button is clicked. There is a similar sensor cluster at the second toe making it the right button.

The mouse is controlled by moving your feet on a small mat that is laid on the floor. It works just like your regular mouse where the optical lighting underneath the mouse is tracking your every move and moving the mouse cursor accordingly. Yeah, it might look silly, but it is a kickass invention and concept design that will literally kick-start your computer every time you use it. I’d like one just to learn to multitask. How cool would that be if I worked on articles with my hands and did the client designs with my feet… only in a perfect world… right?