Technically Speaking: Updated Meanings Of Common Words [Infographic]

It can’t be easy jumping onto the Internet if you’ve never used it before. Today there are more words with different meanings than ever before. Words like surf, stream and thread don’t even remotely mean what they used to. If you’re not yet on board the Internet bandwagon, it’s vital you jump on it if you don’t want to completely miss out on what’s happening in the world. Technically speaking, there are so many words out there today that don’t mean what they used to and this guide can help.

In an attempt to help anyone who has yet to immerse themselves into the Internet and everything around it, I was presented an infographic that might give you that little guidance necessary for you to feel comfortable about the speed of innovation today. The infographic called Technically Speaking was presented to us by Lebara UK, and it incorporates most of the words you need to know in order to get the hang of Internet culture.

I am sure there are plenty more words out there that are not incorporated into this infographic, and if you come up with any, please don’t hesitate to tell us about them and their meanings in the comment section below. I am sure many Internet novices would love to learn about them all. It’s when we touch the meaning of the term technically speaking that we will really get into what the Internet is all about.

As long as there is innovation going on, we will always add new meanings to already existing words. Young people are pretty good at coming up with new meanings to words. It’s when we start thinking about what words could also mean that we start adding more meanings to them. The problematic part is keeping up with it all now that innovation is progressing at an ever increasing speed. You should look through these and get a little bit more familiar with the tech words thrown around on the Internet. Who knows, you could come to need these definitions one of these days.

Lebara UK’s Technically Speaking Word Guide

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