The Douchebag Mouse Mat – Sure To Make People Stare

I wish that it was exactly as it sounds in the title; however, it is not. At first glance, it really strikes you as one of the most douchebagy mouse mats. At a closer look, you will find the downside of this hilarious but quite cool little concept. It’s apparent that the designer has gone out of his way to make sure that it looks absolutely real and that anyone passing your office cubicle will stop and stare at the lavish way you’re using your tech stuff… the douchebag way that is.

The mouse mat, designed by DarkDesignGroup (fitting name), is mimicking the look of the iPad and does so in a very good way. So good actually that it really looks like you’re running your mouse over your newly bought iPad. I am sure people will wonder if you’ve robbed a bank over the weekend or if you’re just stupid enough to think that that’s all it’s for.

When I think about it, wouldn’t it be a pretty cool thing to have a new iPad and just use it as a mouse mat for real instead? I am sure someone does that. Especially now, when there are all kinds of protective plastics and surfaces that you can add to your iPad to prevent any scratching. Well, as much as I’d like to be rad enough to use mine as a mouse mat, it has a far to much sentimental value to me, and it will most likely be passed on for generations after I am long gone. I guess it’s the geek in me.