The Impressive Effects Of Smartphones On Society [Infographic]

I don’t think any of us could have imagined when we saw a cellphone for the first time what its impact would have on society. In the beginning, even I admit that when I saw someone on the street walking around talking “to themselves,” it was kind of awkward. Now it’s an everyday endeavor for pretty much anyone living in the civilized world. We can still ask ourselves, what are the effects of smartphones on our society? One thing is for sure, and that is it has been severe.

We don’t have to go down a particularly winding road in order to determine the effects of smartphones on our society. All we really need to do is look on a busy pedestrian street, and we’ll see at least 10% (if not more) of the people walking are also doing something with their smartphone. The ability to connect to the Internet has enabled us to take on a more relaxed lifestyle, at least when it comes to being confined to a chair at the office.

Without the profound effects of smartphones that we are now experiencing, I highly doubt even websites like Bit Rebels would be able to be as versatile and flexible as they are. Just to make it a little bit more visual, I thought we could once again consult an infographic to help us visualize exactly what the effects of smartphones are on our society. The infographic is called Smartphones & Society: How Going Mobile Has Changed The Way We Live, and it is presented by Who Called My Phone (design by NowSourcing).

The fact that as many as 80% of all smartphone owners check their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up should give us a pretty good idea about how much influence this little device has on our everyday endeavors. As if that was not enough, today you can do pretty much everything on a smartphone, and the features and apps are getting more powerful for each day that goes by.

Another quite mind boggling fact is that 41% of all Americans use Facebook, and on top of that, smartphone users check their Facebook an average of 14 times (!!) a day. As if even that wasn’t enough, 50% of smartphone users also check their Facebook at the movies. We all know the Internet has a strong hold on us, and that addiction can draw us in quite easily. But the effects of smartphones on our society are not all bad. Have a look through this infographic and see for yourself how amazing this little device really is, and how the effects of the smartphone have completely changed the way we live our lives.

Who Called My Phone’s – Effects Of Smartphones On Society

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