The Evolution of Music Handhelds

With all the talk about the next generation music device and what it might be we do a recap of the past generation music devices instead. Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness of the sweet Cassette Walkman?! I used to have one and i wore it down to the chips.

So many new ideas are on the horizon that no one really knows what will be the next one to grace everyone’s pockets. But, we can be sure of one thing. Whatever it is and wherever it will come from, it will be a huge success. Then again, how can you top the simplicity of an iPod Touch or an iPhone when it comes to it’s user friendly user interface?

1st Generation Handhelds

Music Handheld - 1

1st Generation Cassette Walkman

Music Handheld - 2

1st Generation CD Walkman

Music Handheld - 3

1st Generation Minidisc Player

Music Handheld - 4

1st Generation Mp3 Player

Music Handheld - 6

2nd Generation MP3 Player

Music Handheld - 7

3rd Generation MP3 Player

Music Handheld - 8

1st Generation X Music Player

What will it be?