The Evolution Of The Microprocessor [Infographic]

Just like we expect clear water to come out of our tap, the microprocessor is just one of those things that we expect to be there when we turn on our gadget. We expect it to perform to a satisfactory level no matter what. I think we all know that it is the one thing that plays with our minds every now and then, and that can make us go ballistic on our gadgets. If our computer, iPad or smartphone is slow, we will probably bash it, hit it or wave it around as if something magically will come off whatever it is that is blocking the information from reaching the screen. Well, it’s not quite that easy. With software getting more and more complicated, and graphics close to photo realistic, the processor has a hard time keeping up. That is why your gadget can become somewhat slow.

The evolution has been insane however when it comes to the always performing microprocessor. Back in the ’70s, the processor could take up a whole desk to perform the same tasks as our calculators on our smartphones do today. It’s mind-boggling really, and I think it’s time we all honor the hard working chip once and for all. It makes our lives a whole lot less stressful at times.

The masters over at Intel put together a small infographic that I think even the least technical person will learn from and enjoy. It’s called The Evolution Of The Microprocessor, and it depicts how this intricate technology has evolved since it was introduced back in the day. Just imagining that only 40 years ago one of the first microprocessors was introduced into a gadget is somewhat inspiring when you think about what the processor is able to do today. Hail the microprocessor!

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Evolution Of The Micro Processor

Via: [Daily Infographic]