The History Of Gaming: From Oscilloscope To Virtual Reality

I have always wondered how people can ignore the power of gaming and say it’s utter play. Of course it’s play, but one must not forget that it is because of play that we have the technologies we have today, no matter what it is. It’s from the trials and errors that we have developed into the species that we are, and we are bound to go even further.

It always makes my head spin when I think that what we have today couldn’t even be imagined 50-60 years ago. The advanced technologies that we use as toys today would have had serious consequences for the democracies of countries back in the beginning of the 20th century. But why think about the past when you can think about the future and all the awesome things that we might be able to do and play with? However, it’s never a bad thing to recollect the things that once were, but don’t get too stuck in the past because when you get back to reality the future could already be here.

The guys behind the team Game Design have put together one of the coolest recaps of gaming history, and they put it into one inspirational video. All you really have to do is lean back, enjoy the ride and relive the moments of awesomeness that you once experienced as a younger you. The video is put together to show us what has been, and what has potentially opened doors ever since.

Florian Smolka is the director of this truly amazing little video. After watching it, I felt energized and ready to get going with today’s tasks. I strongly encourage you to watch it at least a couple of times. Inspiration is current, and it will fuel the future.