The History Of Headphones [Infographic]

If I said that today sometime you would wear a pair of headphones, there is a great chance that I would be spot on, right? The fact is that pretty much everyone in the civilized world uses headphones on a daily basis. It could be the headphones for your iPhone or iPod or even your headphones at work to answer calls. Yeah, we use pretty much any kind of headphones that make our listening experience a bit more personal and comfortable. As always, when it comes to technology, there is a landslide of choices to consider when you are about to pick the headphones best suited for your needs, and the only one who can solidly decide what would be considered best is you.

There is of course a history behind headphones that I don’t think too many people know about. It’s not a complicated one, but it could teach you the origins of why headphones ever came to be. It comes from the people over at VoucherCodes, and it is a headphone timeline presented with some lightweight information about their story and technology. Lately we have seen a lot of new headphone concepts emerge, and some have become the studio professionals brand of choice, such as the Beats by Dr. Dre.

The purpose of this infographic is not to sell you the latest piece of technology, as it might look, but to enlighten you about the history of the gadget that you keep closer to your ear than most of your friends ever get. As we all know, a good pair of headphones will make the music in your ears sound better, so neglecting to get the very best pair suited for your needs might actually make you lose out on some pretty good music out there. #JustSaying!

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Via: [Walyou]