The Most Famous Gadget Battles Of All Time [Infographic]

There has been some rather great battles in the world of tech since we first saw common man technologies on our streets. We have seen the video cassette battle the DVD, and we have seen the TV kill the radio. There have even been songs written about these battles, and they are still going on today. The most famous one right now would be the Kindle versus the iPad and of course the Nook. There are also a ton of smartphones fighting for the spotlight, but covering that battle would take a whole article in itself since there are more than I could probably mention off the top of my head. And besides, the fight isn’t over yet either so it would probably be better to hold off and see where everything is heading.

To make these battles a little easier to understand, and to also create another really cool infographic, Mint put some facts together and made the ultimate tech and gadget street fighting infographic. It covers everything from the Betamax versus VHS battle to the fresh Playstation 3 versus Xbox 360 versus WII battle. With a unique and quite creative look, they have managed to incorporate some funny facts along with who won the battle (if there is a winner yet), how long the battle took, and a lot of other things.

I get a very Sega-like feel when I look at this infographic, and I can’t decide why that is. Maybe it’s the style of the graphics, or just the way they formatted everything. It’s retro in a way, and even though I think it is a really nice looking infographic, I don’t seem to be able to pinpoint the art style origin. As if that would matter, right? Well, it’s a really cool and very fight club-ish infographic that I think most of you will enjoy. If you are a gadget junkie and technology fan like me, you will most likely love this one! It’s a fun way to portray the ongoing battles in the technology industry.

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Famous Gadget Battles In Tech