The New Inflight Entertainment – The iPad!

We’ve all been there. We’re sitting on a plane, bored silly, can’t fall asleep and then we finally, as a last resort, decide to watch the inflight movie we’ve seen a million times. It’s the exact reason why I don’t like long flights. The whole experience is rather miserable. However, that all might be about to change.

It appears that as early as this July, we might all be given iPads to play with on our flights instead. This would eliminate the need for airplanes to carry all the heavy hardware they currently store in order to play those movies nobody wants to watch anyway. Bluebox Avionics developed and announced this new Ai IFE saying, “It leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced.” Passengers will be able to stream in movies, music, games, flight information, etc…

I think it would be so cool to see flight attendants passing out iPads to everyone instead of those dorky earbuds that nobody likes. I hope this won’t be available to first class passengers only. One carrier has already signed up for this service and more will probably follow. How exciting is that?

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