The Real Tron Light Cycle In Action [Video]

Just when you thought the Tron hype had completely died down, there are things brewing in one particular part of the world. The movie, for some, was a disappointment since it was expected to reach far greater heights on the box office chart. It did decent, no doubt about it, but the hype versus the actual earnings were a little bit off from each other. The movie, even though it did so moderately, became a huge movement in the world. We saw furniture, cars, and all kinds of household things became Tronified to the point where you could literally go into any store and find something that had to do with Tron.

Since the world has now recovered from all the hype, and people’s memories from the movies are pretty much clouded by all the new movies that have been released since then, there is a new Tron thing unleashed in the world. It’s the real Tron bike and it is a working, fully pimped out light cycle. Now I am sure you’re thinking that there are probably a thousand pictures of the “real” Tron light cycle on the Internet, and you are right, there are. However, this particular one even has video to prove it.

The bike itself is insanely awesome, and as you can imagine, it stirs up quite some attention when it rolls into wherever it’s going. People seem to be like magnets to it, and I can imagine that if you had this piece of awesomeness yourself, your computer at home would certainly not be your main focus. If there is one thing about it that I don’t really like (if I have to say something), it would be the bulkiness of it. It seems to be really hard to turn, and the pivotal angle is really minimal, so make sure you don’t lay too low in the curves when you drive on the open road. Other than that, it’s just badass! By the way, it’s totally environmentally friendly too since it is completely electrical. Woot! (The bike is created by Parker Bros. Choppers)

Real Electrical Tron Light Cycle