The SEO Puzzle: The Most Important Pieces [Infographic]

It doesn’t really matter how much you study it, it’s almost impossible to get the perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score for any long period of time. Each search engine has their own algorithm to rank websites, and as if that wasn’t complicated enough, they change that algorithm frequently in order to perfect it and make sure that the same sites don’t hog up the top positions simply because they’ve figured out the x-factor in the algorithm to dodge other more popular sites that have the traffic, content mass, and extensive Internet presence enough to be ranked at the top. I would probably need an endless number of articles to cover all the different aspects of the perfect SEO, and if I tried to do that, I would probably not be able to pinpoint it anyway.

There are of course some key pillars that one should make sure to implement that seemingly every search engine incorporates. Instead of you having to browse around the Internet looking for all of them, Vayu Media put together an infographic called The SEO Puzzle that takes you through them one by one. Or rather, they go through the importance and the way that Google indexes websites for example.

Just as it is mentioned in this infographic, Google doesn’t index websites (and I am fairly sure none of the other search engines do either), they index pages. So making sure that each page on your site is fully optimized for index crawlers and easy search patterns is probably something you should spend an extensive amount of time on. This is what could initially launch your site on the beginning steps of the ladder to a page rank of maybe 4-5. There is a lot more to it, and using this as a guide is both good and bad. It’s good because it shows you how to start making your website and pages more search engine friendly. It’s bad because if you use this as the ultimate SEO guide, you will quickly understand that you will never hit that legendary top spot, or page rank 10. It’s just not extensive enough. So, always approach SEO with the highest regards to the fact that it never gets completely done.


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