The Sound Tank: DJ Weapon Of Mass Temptation

As technology gets more advanced every day, we can do cooler things with lesser technology, if that makes any sense. The computers of today have enabled pretty much anyone to create simple drag-and-drop music that they can play for their friends and loved ones even in real-time. It’s pretty much just to set the tempo (bpm) and then click away on “enablers” which will make instruments play on certain positions to the beat. It’s of course not really how the song writers and producers of today make their music, but this software is widely available for the anyone to toy around with.

Being a DJ is something that more and more people are trying to master. There are a slew of great DJs out there who arrange concerts where up to 30,000 people attend just to get a good dance on. It’s insane really. However, in order to become a successful DJ, you have to stand out… and of course do great remixes. Well, that is if you are not Nik Nowak. What he’s done is to create the ultimate party starter, and he named it the Sound Tank.

It’s a badass, full-on masterpiece of technology that instead of you having to go to the club where the party is, it brings the party all the way to you. It will totally tempt you to party, and if this thing doesn’t start the party off on the right foot, I don’t know what will. I just find myself staring at that thing and wondering what it sounds like. I would like to see (or rather hear) how this compares to a fully pimped car in one of those car stereo competitions. I am sure it will at least catch the attention of pretty much everyone with its sound… well, let’s just say that I am sure it will bring on a sound war of its own. Let’s start the party!

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Sound Tank Dj Machine Build

Sound Tank Dj Machine Build

Sound Tank Dj Machine Build