This Umbrella Sings In The Rain – Musical Raindrops

It’s time to take “Singing In The Rain” to a whole new level! This umbrella, called a Rain Drum, makes music out of raindrops. It actually becomes a musical instrument. Raindrops never sounded so beautiful. How cute is this?

I love rain, and this umbrella is just going to make the whole experience of walking in the rain even more fun. Designer Dong Min Park created this umbrella which, as you see, has different colored panels on it. Each time a raindrop hits one of these colors, it makes a different drum sound.

According to, “The Rain Drum features mounted sound inputs on the exterior of an umbrella top that make different drum noises when raindrops touch it. The shade of the umbrella contains five wax-cloth made coverings with varying elasticities to create a range of tones and frequencies, depending on the size and speed of the falling rain drop.” In my opinion, this is a very entertaining concept; however, I wish he had made the umbrella a little less clown-like. I could imagine these colors being jewel toned or even shades of deep blue, and it would be absolutely beautiful. Either way, kudos to you Dong, this is brilliant!