Thodio MacDec: Turns Your Mac Into A MacBook

We’ve all been taught to disconnect our gear from our computers ever since we started using bluetooth gear.  It comes in the form of keyboards, mice and pretty much everything else that you can connect to a computer.  It allows us to sit comfortably in front of our computers without having to strain because the length of the cords.  However, the fact is also that with more and more wireless gear, we’re starting to lose track of how we should sit in front of a computer.  Apparently if we have a trackpad, a keyboard and a mouse we want to be able to use them all.  But, if we’re on a couch for example, we simply don’t have room for it all.  It’s a negative side effect of disconnecting our gear from the computers.

However, with the Thodio MacDec, we can change all that without having to connect ourselves to cords again.  The MacDec is a beautifully designed slab of solid wood or acrylic that you will be able to attach to your wireless keyboard and trackpad also.  In an instant, you will have yourself something that resembles the MacBook.

It will help you sit comfortably on your couch while working away just like you are used to.  No longer do you have to find places to put the keyboard and the trackpad in order to increase your work speed.  Detach yourself from your table, lazy down on your couch and start working.  There’s nothing like a comfortable chair or couch when you have looming deadlines.  If you want to buy it, the prices starts at 99 euros and goes up to 119 euros.  Awesomeness defined!

Front View of Thodio MacDec

Angled View Of Thodio MacDec

Side View Acrylic Thodio MacDec

Front Side View Thodio MacDec

Bottom View Of Thodio MacDec

Connected Bottom View Thodio MacDec