Toilet Paper Twitter Printer: Never Miss A Tweet Again

There is a great chance that you got to this article by clicking a Twitter retweet link, or you were referred to it at least through Twitter. There is nothing wrong in that at all. It only shows that you are one of the few who actually listens to (reads) what your followings or followers tweet. Even though you are committed to checking out all of your referrals, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have thousands and thousands of followers who you constantly monitor. Furthermore, it also doesn’t mean that you are necessarily addicted to this social media giant either. However, there are a bunch of people out there who are.

As a matter of fact, there is one Twitter user out there, Mario Lukas, who is all about the addiction, and he actually wanted to take it even further. While in the bathroom (as I understand it), he figured that there should be some way of actually receiving tweets there as well. So he constructed a pretty innovative and cool little gadget that can only be described as a Toilet Paper Twitter Printer. From scavenged parts once belonging to an old CD drive and an Arduino controller, he assembled this awesome little contraption.

I guess by now there shouldn’t be a Twitter device out there that hasn’t been invented or at least thought of yet. This one should surely come in handy for all the people with an abundance of toilet paper, and for those who spend a hefty amount of time in the bathroom. I am surprised that it never occurred to Mario that he could actually take his cell phone with him into the bathroom to tweet if he felt he couldn’t be without Twitter for even a second. We all tweet differently, I guess. The one question is how the hell you tweet with this thing… Maybe it’s an add-on or something. How many of you would ever tweet when in the bathroom or restroom?

Toilet Paper Twitter Machine Build