Two Guys Build Insane Touchscreen Holodisplay In 11 Hours

Earlier today I touched on the topic of  transparent displays and what they could mean to us in the future. Transparent display technology is not a new technology, but it has definitely been a long time coming. I should be honest and say that I don’t exactly know what goes into making these displays, but these two guys did not care about the obstacles. Instead, they went ahead and created their own insane touchscreen holodisplay worthy of a science fiction movie.

It is ultimately inspiring to see people not caring about technological boundaries and John Hardy and Chris Bull are perfect examples of that. What they have managed to achieve in 11 hours (!) is something that most developers would take years to assemble. It’s when your creativity is greater than your technical skills that you manage to solve technological problems that otherwise would not be possible.

The holodisplay that John and Chris have been able to put together is something out of the ordinary. Not only is it done by combining existing technology, and off the shelf devices, but it also incorporates touch gestures. Whether this could be used for operation systems or not I do not know (maybe the comments on the YouTube clip will reveal that), but it is a huge leap for holodisplay technology.

Soon we will probably have holodecks in our homes, from where we may control basically everything that goes on in and outside of them. It is a pretty inspiring thought, and it all starts with the holodisplay. Not only were they able to create this device in just 11 hours but they also shared it as a tutorial for everyone to make. That is certainly going to push the holodisplay technology forward by a couple of years. Imagine all of the people that could bug fix, refine and redesign this device into perfection. I think we’re going to see a whole lot of innovation around the holodisplay within the very near future.

Chris & John’s Insane Holodisplay Build

Insane Touchscreen Holodisplay Build

Insane Touchscreen Holodisplay Build