Transmit Sound Through Your Body And Turn Your Finger Into A Speaker

How would you like to hold your finger up to your friend’s ear so he or she could hear something? You would be using your finger as a speaker. You could get rid of those pesky earbuds and use a fingerbud…or something like that. It is possible to transmit sound through your body like that. Disney Research engineers have recently announced an innovative microphone device. When you hold that device, you can transmit sound all the way to your fingertips.

It sounds like a pretty cool trick that I’d like to try myself. And, it gets even better. It turns out; you can transmit sound through multiple bodies too. In other words, if you are standing in a line of three people, the first person could hold the microphone, then as long as the other two people are touching in a line, the sound would transmit through everyone if that makes sense.

If you click over to the Disney Research website, you can see this technology in action. It’s not known yet how they will use this little microphone device, but that doesn’t take away from its awesomeness. The device is called Ishin-Den-Shin (which is a Japanese mantra that translates to ‘what the mind thinks, the heart transmits’). When it records sound, it’s a high voltage, low current, and inaudible sound. According to the Disney Research website:

“The recorded sound become audible only when touching someone’s ear. The sound can be heard only by the specific ear which is touched, as if the finger would be whispering the recorded sounds. Secrets, messages and whispers can then be transmitted from person to person in physical contact with each other.”

Who knew we could transmit sound like this? It will be fun to see how this is used and the applications people come up with to make it useful.

Transmit Sound Through Your Body

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Via: [Popsci]