Travel Around the World Using Only the Sun and Wind!

Around the world in 80 days is how it all started… That seems like an eternity to everyone that lives in the technology viral age. Today you can take a plane and travel around the world in a matter of two or three days if you’re traveling non stop and only land to refuel. Of course you can also take one of those 8 exclusive tickets on one of the remaining space shuttles and travel to the ISS station and then travel around the world in about 90 minutes. Yes, it’s actually that fast, but not everyone can afford those seats, so we’ll remain with our feet planted on the Earth for now.

We use way too much fuel, and we can’t keep the earth clean, much less travel around the world, but now there is a project that is going to change all that. A project called ICARE is going to travel around the world only using a car powered by the sun and the wind. The trip will start in May 2010 and end in October 2011. We can be sure that it’s not going to break any speed records, but it will be traveling around the world in an environmentally driven car.

The trip will go through some 30 countries and is expected to prove the theory that we really can power our cars using only the sun and the wind. Why the wind? In order to ensure a steady travel forward, they are going to use the sun during the day and the wind during the night.

The car will be fitted with certain mechanisms to showcase the compensation for CO2 emissions which will be presented to the public along the trip. It’s all for a greener world and it’s a non profit organization sponsoring it. I myself will be looking closely at this as I think it is an invaluable project and something we can bring to later generations.

For a complete guide and information go to the ICARE official website: ICARE