Ultimate Interactive Photo Frame Consists Of 20 Android Tablets

Do you remember the first time you saw one of those slideshow or movie picture frames? You could connect it to your computer via USB and it would be fed pictures that randomly showed up. It was the ultimate photo frame back then, but things have changed and it’s no longer cool to sport one of those. Well, it’s cool, but people don’t really raise their eyebrows when seeing one anymore, which of course is kind of a shame when you think about it.

If the slideshow photo frame was the ultimate way to show pictures back then, then what YouTuber Minn Pongpaibul has created is definitely going to be the ultimate photo frame of today. It is not just any little gadget, and I doubt it will be recreated anytime soon. Minn has used 20 Android tablets of various sizes to recreate yesterday’s photo frame but in a more epic way, if you will.

The build in itself is actually a whole lot more advanced that it might look on the outside, which of course is always evidence that whoever put it together knows how to make advanced stuff look simple. The 20 Android tablets are not just thrown into a frame and covered up. There is an intricate setup that allows Minn to connect the whole frame to the outlet, at which point all 20 Android tablets will recharge their batteries by just connecting one cord. Even just that is enough to make this the ultimate photo frame to date.

But that’s not all! Of course, the tablet’s powerful touchscreen features are incorporated into the whole photo frame feature as well. Each Android tablet is running an app called Floating, which makes the photos randomly chosen from a source library look like they lay on top of each other. Swiping each Android tablet screen will present you with even more pictures. One thing that I could not find (as I skimmed through the massive making-of documentation on Minn’s website) is how the heat is taken care of within the photo frame itself. Hopefully that is not an issue as with 20 Android tablets (or any tablets for that matter) could generate enough heat to make the photo frame catch fire. Maybe it’s just me being too careful. This is definitely an epic build and one that deserves to be looked at.

Minn Pongpaibul’s 20 Tablet Photo Frame Build

20 Tablet Photo Frame

20 Tablet Photo Frame

20 Tablet Photo Frame

Via: [Hack A Day]