Ultimate Resolution Guide To All Apple Devices [Infographic]

It’s becoming harder and harder for web designers to create a universal design that looks good on any device. The different resolutions make the job tedious since you have to make everything as dynamic as possible. Designing something for just one device is a concept that is equivalent to failure. There are simply too many devices out there that people connect with to get on the Internet. If you want to cater to the majority of people browsing the web, you will have to think in several resolutions at once. Some designers have mastered this skill to the max. However, every time a new device comes out with a larger resolution, a touch up is necessary. Maybe that’s why an ultimate resolution guide had to be created, even if it is just for the Apple devices for the time being.

This ultimate resolution guide comes from Anibal Maiz Caceres and was actually a video presentation that was converted into an infographic. The ultimate resolution guide video is as inspiring as the infographic itself. They are both called Apple Devices Resolutions and should definitely be considered the ultimate resolution guide for Apple devices. No longer do you have to look around the web to compile all of Apple’s device resolutions in order to make your design as Apple friendly as possible. Just either print out this ultimate resolution guide or have the link to this article handy, and you will always have a way to look it up.

Ever since we started looking into picture quality and pixels on any mobile device, the resolutions have become a jungle to navigate. Which ones are the most used, and what is to come? These questions are unfortunately not touched on in this guide, but it still gives you the answers to what resolutions Apple has on all of their devices. Whether you are coding an app for these devices or trying to make a flexible web design for all of them, here is your one ultimate resolution guide to use when you are unsure about what resolution to use. It is guides like these that make the job for any coder or web designer a whole lot easier.

Ultimate Resolution Guide For Apple Devices

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Via: [visual.ly]