Uncomfortable In Your Old Chair? – Get The “Swoop” Chair!

As a designer, the chair is the one tool you can’t live without. Yeah, some people have those adjustable tables that let you stand up at times, but it’s really important to be able to sit comfortably when you work, not only for designers but for anyone who works in an office. Having a bad chair could ruin hours, if not days, of work just because you’re not comfortable enough to work from the beginning to the end of your project. Having to take a lot of pauses is also a strain on your time limit and could possibly break your deadline quite easily.

The good thing is that new chairs are being drawn up and put into use every day. Some are good, some are better and some are just worthless. Designer Jolyon Yates has designed one that looks more comfortable than anything I have seen to date. Maybe it’s not the most useful one, but it sure brings you to the center of Zen with its curves and perfect shapes.

I particularly like the swoop of it since it reminds me of a canoe that has been bent so you can now sit on it. Add a really nice pillow to that one and you’re all ready to do your best to attack the pile of work laying ahead of you. I sure want one, but would it fit in? That’s the question. It’s quite radical, and I don’t have much wooden furniture in my office. Hmm, tough question. One thing is for sure… it does have style! Exclusive style!