Upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 Hints Of A Possible Branded Car Kit

Just when the news of the iPad and all it’s wacky incorporations has finally subsided, there is news of another really interesting feature that might make it into the upcoming iPhone OS firmware upgrade. We all remember the viral clip of the guys over at Sound Man who ingeniously incorporated an iPad into a car dashboard in just a few steps. Even though the iPad wasn’t removable, it was still a neat feature. A later viral clip showed us another brilliant incorporation of the iPad into a car and this time it was removable.

However, this isn’t where the story ends. Apple has injected some rather interesting features into the upcoming iPhone OS that hint of a possible branded car kit. The new OS sports an “iPod Out” feature, which according to the source, is an application that contains references to several strings such as “IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification” and “IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey.” The variables rumor of a functionality that highly resembles what’s in the “iPod Out” technology for automobiles.

So, it looks like Apple is about to enter yet another territory with their highly exclusive applications and gadgets. One can only imagine the insane capabilities that this rumor of features will enable. No more hacking and slashing to create the ultimate car audio experience. The developers can just use these functions to create yet another set of insanely interesting and useful applications to sell in the App Store. Again, Apple is showing their ever growing set of brains that gives us what we really need.