USB Disco Lights | Get The Party Started

You’re sitting there and you have nothing to do. You’re in your hotel room and don’t feel like going down to the bar to get a glass of malt whiskey or wine. You’re simply too tired. The four walls are starting to creep up on you and you just have to get some distraction. But what? You’ve already seen all the movies you brought with you on your trip and the Excel document you were supposed to be working on all night was finished more than 2 hours ago. You’re in Amsterdam so you can’t turn on the TV either because you can’t stand not understanding what they are saying.

That’s when you should pick up and insert your own USB disco lights and have yourself a party! It will be a one man party, but it’s better than no party at all, right? Let those pink, green, blue and yellow lights flash away your boredom. Have a blast!

Well, it ain’t that easy really. I wish it were. Nope, this little invention is a concept design of a USB memory stick that helps you track when your memory is full. Every file you copy over to your memory stick is assigned a special color and all the same type of files get the same color. This way, you can determine how much of your memory is used for movies, documents, music, etc… for example. When the transparent screen is full of colors, it means only one thing: You’re out of memory and the party ends.

Designer Mac Funamizu has really managed to create something that is as equally cool as useful. No more guessing and no more checking the properties of your stick. Simply glance over the colored beauty and you’ll know in an instant how much memory you have left. It’s like paying for a remote control and getting the flat screen for free.